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4 destinations for medical tourism

4 destinations for medical tourism

4 destinations for medical tourism

More and more French people are choosing to go abroad for treatment. Badly reimbursed in France, cosmetic surgery and dental care costs are within the reach of all scholarships abroad. Do not hesitate to read the file of the Health Insurance online when one is treated abroad.

Before choosing an offer, you have to compare. Your operation must be performed in a hospital or accredited clinic . By choosing a European country, nationals of EU countries can be reimbursed for part of the dental expenses. In contrast, plastic surgery is still not reimbursed.

Before going on medical tourism , you must take into account all the risks associated with this trip. Do not forget also to take into account the language barriers, which could make your situation complicated. We must not take lightly medical tourism. Several destinations near the Hexagon have been selected for medical tourism.

The Morocco

For several years, more and more French people will be treated in Morocco. To have your nose redone will cost about half as much as in France. But for the most part, fares are 30% lower than those charged in France . You should know that Moroccan doctors have nothing to envy to their French colleagues.


Tunisia was one of the first countries to do medical tourism. The specialty of Tunisia is cosmetic surgery. Lifting, rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery is almost 3 times less expensive than in France. Do not hesitate to see several doctors before you have surgery and above all, do not necessarily choose the cheapest!


Spain is best known for its dental care. Some hospitals in the country even have hospital parts reserved for medical tourism. Other care is also provided: eye surgery or surgery for obesity.


Hungary is one of the favorite French destinations for medical tourism . The prices are very affordable. You can save up to 70% on dental benefits. The material is very modern and the doctors are very qualified.

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4 destinations for medical tourism

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