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Discover Barcelona ... far from tourists!

Discover Barcelona … far from tourists!


Barcelona is a popular summer destination for tourists, especially French tourists. Near the border, at the seaside, with always mild temperatures, the city of Barcelona is often seen as an ideal destination. Too ideal? That may be the problem. Barcelona is invaded by tourists and locals complain. The crowded Ramblas, the stormed beaches, the nightclubs of the Olympic port full to crack, are sometimes the bad sides of Barcelona. But do not despair, Barcelona is a beautiful city, so we give you some travel” tips> to discover the city more authentically, the time of a weekend away from tourists.

Discover Barcelona ... far from tourists!

An authentic neighborhood: Clot

Few tourists have heard of this neighborhood. Indeed, there is no monument unavoidable. Yet if you’ve been to Barcelona before, you probably have been close by. Indeed Clot is just a step away from the Segrada Familia. It is an authentic neighborhood, it speaks more Catalan than Spanish. Immerse yourself in this special atmosphere, discover small bakeries, neighborhood shops, pedestrian streets. The inhabitants like to stroll in the street, to exchange with passers-by. It is a living district, far from the tumult of the big arteries. Bike around because, as the Holidu holiday rental website reminds us, “the best way to soak up Barcelona’s atmosphere is to go on foot or by bike”. So do not hesitate, Clot is a neighborhood apart that makes all the charm of Barcelona.

For an aperitif with a breathtaking view: the “Bunker del Carmel”

The “Bunker del Carmel” is located on the heights of the city, above the Guinardo Park. It offers breathtaking views of the entire city. The young people of Barcelona have a habit of going there at dusk to enjoy the city’s illuminations. It is not uncommon for them to go with a few bottles of wine and something to eat for a drink with friends before going back to town to party all night. So live to the rhythm of Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to go to Bunker del Carmel with picnic and enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Discover Barcelona ... far from tourists!

Eat in a Barcelona institution: La Paradeta

If you like seafood or fish in general, then you must go to La Paradeta , a true Barcelona institution. If at the beginning of the 90’s the Paradeta was only a restaurant, it was today a real brand with several establishments in the city. Its concept is innovative, offering seafood and fish self-service products obviously fresh from the port. The idea is to offer typical products consumed by Barcelonans and to make them discover the world. This will be an opportunity for you to enjoy a delicious meal at a convenient price.

It is true that Barcelona can sometimes seem asphyxiated by tourism. It is difficult and unpleasant to visit the most visited places. Yet Barcelona still has an authentic side, little frequented, that breathes Catalonia. So get out of the tourist guides and immerse yourself in the real Barcelona!

Discover Barcelona ... far from tourists!

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