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Discovering Zézettes de Sète

Discovering Zézettes de Sète

Discovering Zézettes de Sète

Sanded biscuit flavored with vanilla aroma made from flour and white wine , Zézette de Sète is the specialty of this city of Hérault bearing the same name.

The story of the Zézette de Sète

The Zézette de Sète was imported by Gaston Bentata in the late 1970s. This biscuit had marked his childhood. He decided to commercialize it only in 1994 and founded the following year the company “The Belle Epoque”. Today, this pastry is exported to China.

Everything you always wanted to know Discovering Zézettes de Sète  on the Zézette of Sète

  • Zézette de Sète is a registered trademark.
  • The Zézette de Sète exists under several names: Bistouquettes, Pitchounettes or Z’zettes .
  • These cookies do not contain dyes or preservatives.
  • There are non-alcoholic recipes .
  • Eating at the end of the meal gives the sweet touch.

The recipe of Zézette de Sète

Ingredients for 6 people:

– 1 glass of caster sugar
– 1 glass of rosé wine
– 1 glass of oil
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 sachet vanilla sugar
– 800 g of flour
– 1 sachet baking powder

First stage

Mix yeast, salt, sugar, wine, oil and vanilla sugar. Then add the flour in rain and knead until a paste that no longer sticks to the fingers.

Second step

In a plate, mix the sugar and the vanilla sugar. Then, prepare small balls. Thin on each side to get small shuttles. Incise the center of the ball with the tip of a knife.

Third step

Roll each cookie into the sugar and place it on the baking sheet leaving a little space between each. Bake thermostat 5/6 for about 20 minutes.

Enjoy your meal.

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Discovering Zézettes de Sète

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