Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Ground Zero is an emotional place for the people of New York, but also for the whole of America. This is where the magnificent towers of the World Trade Center rose 13 years ago, unfortunately destroyed during the attacks of 11 September. To honor the memory of the many victims who lost their lives, the city set up a memorial so that no one will forget the terrible acts.


The city of New York wanted in the aftermath of the attacks to erect a memorial to the victims. It was in 2006 that work began to fill the void that the disaster had formed. Today stands proudly the Freedom Tower, renamed One World Trade Center . She will be joined in 2016 by three other monumental towers.

Ground Zero

One World Trade Center

Since 2011, you can visit the 9/11 Memorial, which is free to visit but where donations are greatly appreciated. For example, a donation of $ 10 will give you a silicone bracelet reminding you that you have visited this place of memory, very important for New Yorkers.

Today you will be able to notice the two huge basins, deep of 9 meters where streaming water permanently on the walls. Placed at the exact spot where the Twin Towers stood, they do not fail to recall the emptiness of this immense space. All around, plaques are engraved by the names of the 2752 victims of the attack. Between these two basins, do not forget to stop in front of the Survivor Tree , a small tree unscathed from under the ruins, which grows a little more each year.

Between memory and future

As the city reminds us, this huge park will play a dual role. Indeed, the emptiness that can be felt with the presence of these two basins deep, unlike towers that rise, reminds the pain felt during the attacks of 2001, but also of 1993. In addition, the opening of the memorial gives the place a sense of memory.

But beyond this sad aspect of the past, this space is destined to look to the future, especially with the project of the four towers in order to restore the city’s prestige, and show the world that New York is ready to look new to the future, thanks to the construction of a complex even more radiant and chic than before.

Ground Zero

Model of the final project

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