Hall of fame

Hall of fame

From its real name “Hall of Fame for Great Americans”, this memorial temple aims to honor famous Americans who have actively worked in the life of the nation, be it in the cultural, scientific, political or economic. Discover the tormented history of this prestigious place that was left abandoned before experiencing a rebound.

A temple of honor

The Hall of Fame is a temple built in 1900 at the initiative of Dr. MacCracken thanks to funding provided by Helen Gould where you can see many busts of American celebrities. Indeed, to be able to appear there, one must be American, or naturalized American, and to have died since at least 50 years

Its location is symbolic. Indeed, it is at the place where were placed the English forces during the War of Independence. So we can see a kind of revenge of the great Americans who recover this summit, and who now make sure to protect the country.

Built according to a neoclassical architectural plan, we find similarities with the Greek temples through the many columns supporting the circular-shaped gallery. Between each column is exposed the bronze bust of an illustrious person, among whom we find those of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Hall of fame

Hall of Fame

A neglected building

Its location, beyond the symbolic, has hurt him. While on campus at the Bronx Community College, the closure of this campus in 1973 brought the Hall of Fame into oblivion. The crisis did not help the situation, private subsidies were very small since it took about 20 years to raise $ 20,000 to bring in a new bust.

Acquired by the state, which spent large sums of money to restore damaged busts and busts, the Hall of Fame became a temple of recognition, now a memorial.

Hall of fame

Busts of the Hall of Fame

Today, we can find several Hall of Fame, which respond to a desire to honor other celebrities from specific areas, such as the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” which recognizes rock stars, or the National Baseball Hall of Fame for players of this discipline.

Visit the Hall of Fame

Located in the Bronx Community College in New York, the building is open every day of the week from 10am to 5pm. Free entry.

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