High Line

High Line

We often have the opportunity to hear about the New York High Line, but what is it? This is one of the many attractions that the city has set up so that the many tourists but also the locals can enjoy the city, especially as this space offers a great view. Let’s go to his discovery!


The High Line is an elevated urban park that is over 2 kilometers long and is located on the former Lower West Side railroad tracks. The latter had been designed to unclutter the streets of Manhattan where pedestrians and carriages stood beside the trains.

Therefore, this air line is used mainly for the transport of goods that lead directly to the warehouses. But little by little, it is abandoned with the rise of the roads, and it is in the 1980s that the last train circulates there.

High Line

Train on the High Line

While in the 1990s the ways are no longer intended to continue, it is planned to destroy them but a protection association suggests to build an urban park, in agreement with the inhabitants of the district. The project is funded in 2004!

The High Line today

Today, this promenade is the largest of its kind, and it allows tourists and locals to see the city from another angle. The many points of view make it an exceptional place to see absolutely during a trip to New York. On the roofs of the city, you can see in the distance of magnificent monuments and buildings characteristic of New York, we think among others Empire State Buildind!

Many activities are offered, free or paid: so you can, if you wish to visit temporary art exhibitions, or spend a romantic moment admiring a fabulous sunset over the rooftops of New York.

The vegetation is very varied, is allows to get away in the middle of the very high skyscrapers. You must know that it is strictly forbidden to pick the flowers that you can find! This green space is a place of happiness that allows, apart from the many parks, to oxygenate the inhabitants.

High Line

Walk on the High Line

How to access it?

The park is open for free every day from 07:00 to 22:00. It is accessible from the many stairs and lifts, as well as strollers and wheelchairs can circulate easily!

There are different entrances to get there that you will find along the streets it spans.

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