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How to make money on a long trip?

How to make money on a long trip?

How to make money on a long trip?

Going on a long journey is your dream? Do you want to contemplate South American landscapes or discover African culture? But how to finance your stay? We suggest you to discover some tips to make money on a long trip.

The simplest methods

Make money playing online

You are a very good poker player. You know how to play blackjack. If you are a good casino player, you can participate for example in online blackjack tournaments . If you are sure of yourself, you can quickly make money.

Work abroad thanks to the work holiday program

You are between 18 and 30 years old. The work holiday program (PVT) is for you. This program allows you to work in 13 countries: Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Argentina, Hong Kong, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Uruguay and Mexico. Once this authorization is obtained, you can do any type of work in the country. To read all the requirements, go to the government site .

Rent your home

More and more landlords decide to rent their homes while on vacation. You can choose to rent your house or apartment during your trip. You can do it in different ways. You can either go through a real estate agency that will take a commission. Otherwise, you can rent on sites between individuals.

Work-versus-accommodation exchange

Accommodation in exchange for work. Several websites offer to work several hours a day in exchange for bed and meals. To work on a farm, you will discover the concept of woofing . Always in this spirit of sharing with the local population, Helpx and Workaway are more varied than woofing. Finally, job-for-bed is quite developed in Europe. Note that memberships are paid.

Work as an Au Pair

If you are 18 to 30 years old , you can live with a host family for a few months. You will have as job to keep the children as well as to perform household chores. In return, you will stay free, fed and you can receive pocket money.

More complicated methods

Start your travel blog

It’s probably the job that will save you the least money. There are so many travel blogs that it’s hard to “stand out”. It is very long to earn a correct salary through a blog. But by launching a blog, you can surely pay you a drink in a bar. Do not leave your blog just for the money.

Sell ​​your photos

Monuments, landscapes … The opportunities to release his camera are not lacking. You can multiply your chances of selling your photos by presenting them in many image banks, like Fotolia, Alamy, or Shutterstock . You can also submit your snapshots from a custom interface, like Ublo and Photoshelter . The competition is so strong, that your photo must be sublime.

Now you have some tips for making money while traveling. There are of course others, but we have listed the main ones. Which method do you prefer?

How to make money on a long trip?

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