Impossible to miss this extraordinary museum which presents a collection of nearly 150 000 works in total, all exhibited at the same time. Professionals and art lovers flock to the various floors of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to admire art in its different forms.

History of MOMA

The museum was created in 1923 on the initiative of three wealthy patrons who put the spotlight on the art of the modern era, a great first in the United States. Indeed, European artists were somewhat ignored for the benefit of other artists, which the patrons decided to remedy.



Thus, today, we can admire works that are appreciated all over the world, especially as art expresses itself in its different forms in the sandstone of the floors that make up the museum.

The artistic currents shunned so far are now world famous works, that many people want to see during their stay in New York, what you will see once you’re there!

The collections of the Museum of Modern Art of New York

The works follow each other on 6 floors, each presenting a style. Thus you will first find art in its cinematic form with no less than 20,000 films covering more than a century of seventh art.


MoMA Gallery

Then going up you can admire beautiful books coexisting with media videos dating back to the 1960s. And on the floor above, you can see drawings using various practices such as watercolor or charcoal, but also more than 20,000 works related to architecture and design.

This is the 4 th floor has held permanent exhibitions where many people flock to admire the different current painting, from abstract expressionism to impressionism through the Dada movement.

Visits and museum rates

Above all, take your time in this museum, as it is rare to see such an expanse of modern art in the world. You can eat there thanks to the catering area provided for this purpose, but you can also plan your own snack as it is possible to have a picnic in the garden of the inner courtyard.


MoMA Gardens

The MoMa is open every day from 10.30am and 5.30pm, and until 8pm on Fridays. The tour costs $ 25 in full fare, $ 18 for students and seniors. The visit is free for children under 16, but also every Friday from 16h to 20h.

Located in the Midtown district of Manhattan , the museum is widely accessible by public transport, thanks to its proximity to other tourist buildings.

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