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Monexion: "Simplify accounts with friends"

Monexion: "Simplify accounts with friends"


Monexion: "Simplify accounts with friends"

Monexion is a recent application that allows friends or roommates to manage their accounts and refunds more easily . Cyril Boitet created Monexion in July 2014. Barely 6 months later, the application was a real success. More than 8,000 people have already registered and use it regularly. Monexion is free until March 31, 2015. But you can test the app for free until June 30, by entering the code IFT2015 when you register.

Monexion: "Simplify accounts with friends"

How does the application work?

The profile of each user is divided into several parts: one-off expenses, events, pools, roommates, contacts, history and photos . Just log on to the site or on your smartphone. You create an account and you have access to your friends list. You can track your transactions in a simple way .

First of all, you or one of your contacts creates an event (example: “Holidays in Italy” or “Anniversary of Cyril”), so that everyone understands what it is. The affected members are added to the created event group.

Each user then indicates their purchases related to the activity and selects the other members and contributes to the expenses. Monexion then directly calculates what everyone has to repay.

100% secure

You can repay directly through your application profile, without exchanging your bank details between users . The system is 100% secure. No need to get lost in all cash receipts. Thanks to Monexion, you quickly see how much you owe, to whom and for what occasion. Conversely, you see how much each person owes you and for what event. Refunds are simplified.

Monexion is also used as a social network . You can share your photos, or chat in the conversation thread on the right.

Here is the video presentation :

Monexion Monexion

Monexion: "Simplify accounts with friends"

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