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Our advice to find a cheap train ticket

Our advice to find a cheap train ticket

Our advice to find a cheap train ticket

Do you think that traveling by train is expensive? Try especially never to take yourself at the last moment! Your blue card may be hot. We suggest you read our advice to buy a train ticket at the best price.

Traveling on a low-cost train

In 2013, SNCF launched its Ouigo offer. In the beginning, travelers could only buy for journeys linking Paris and Marseille or Paris and Montpellier. Since the end of December, new routes have been put into service. You can thus connect Lyon and Nantes or Rennes and Tourcoing. To buy a Paris Lille ticket from € 10 , simply book online on OUIGO . For children under 12 accompanied, the price of the ticket is 5 € . For these rates, you will not be entitled to carry-on baggage and cabin baggage. Everything else is extra. Note that the dining car does not exist and that the arrival in Paris station is at Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy (Disneyland), 45 minutes from the RER downtown.

Have a discount card

The Senior + discount card. Weekend discount card. The 18-27 Youth Discount Card. SNCF offers many discount cards . They allow you to benefit from at least 25% discount, during each trip. Ticket prices are sometimes quite expensive. These reductions reduce your expenses.

Book 3 months in advance

Most of the time, SNCF opens its reservations 3 months in advance . If you book your tickets as soon as possible, you can do some business. If in doubt about your dates, do not take Prem’s tickets. They are not cancellable. On the other hand, conventional tickets are refundable until the day before the trip.

Bartering Trains

For non-refunded tickets, there are sites for the purchase and resale of second-hand train tickets between individuals. Until the last days before departure, you can find cheap train tickets.

TER to 1 € in Occitanie

Since 2015, the Occitan” region has introduced tickets to euro> for journeys throughout the country. Unfortunately, the number of seats available at 1 € is limited , so travelers have had trouble finding their train tickets really cheap. Note that at this really attractive price, seats are neither cancellable nor refundable.

Look at the price calendar

Are your dates flexible? So when you book on Voyages-SNCF , you must check the box “Flexible? See the price calendar . You will find it after filling your departure city and your destination city. This will allow you to find the cheapest train ticket possible for your next holiday.

Once in the year, you can take advantage of SNCF’s “annual holiday ticket”. Whether you are a job seeker, employee or retiree, this ticket gives you the right, once a year, to benefit from 25% discount on a round trip . We explain all the steps to take in our article ” How” to have discount on an sncf ticket> %22″>

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Our advice to find a cheap train ticket

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