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Reduced waiting time in Paris airports

Reduced waiting time in Paris airports


Reduced waiting time in Paris airports

With the globalization of our society today and the steady decline in the price of airline tickets, professionals and individuals are increasingly using the plane and spending more and more time at airports. , which quickly become saturated with travelers. This is why Paris airports are recruiting new security agents to reduce waiting time before flights.

Paris airports lagging behind

If France is often late compared to our counterparts in the Atlantic, the situation is not different in the airport field, where queues are much longer than the international average.

Indeed, the airports of Roisy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly are often criticized by many actors in the air transport sector for their situation on the verge of chaos in terms of passport control, aggravated each month by July by the influx of tourists departing from holidays, but also by the reinforced controls set up under the Vigipirate plan .

Not only unpleasant for passengers, this problem also affects businesses, which see their customers spend more time in queues than in their stores.

Additional staff

This is why Aéroports de Paris Group (ADP) has decided to hire new staff to reduce the waiting time for passengers. On July 13, a hundred police officers came to reinforce the already existing strength, thus allowing a reduction of the order of 40 to 50% of the waiting time in the queues.

In addition to law enforcement officers, the group is in the process of hiring new security agents such as those trained for airport security at Hub Safe as part of new security features to come soon.

Indeed, five additional control booths should be ready by the end of the year, bringing the total number to 87. All of them, for the moment, function by digital recognition, but face recognition, on the other hand to be validated by the state, would soon be able to control passports in just 10 seconds, against 30 for the digital system, which should greatly improve the current situation.

Reduced waiting time in Paris airports

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