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The Winter Music Conference is coming to Miami

The Winter Music Conference is coming to Miami


The Winter Music Conference is coming to Miami

If you are a connected, curious, and loving person, then the Winter Music Conference is your event not to be missed. In just a few lines, the WMC is the global symposium of the electronic music industry . A place of celebration, laughter and meetings, it is also a place where many DJs from around the world make themselves known and where others are at their peak. Professionals discover new talents, artists try to make themselves known, and the public just has to open their ears and plunge into a new sphere . Miami opens its doors from March 23rd to March 25th to bring together electro music enthusiasts and transforms itself into a global music platform. Back on this event more and more influential.

What is that?

Founded in 1985, the WMC is an electronic music conference bringing together industry professionals, producers, artists, promoters, record companies and enthusiasts. With various seminars, round tables, workshops and DJ nights, it has become a must-attend event for electro music fans. Parties by the pool or on the roofs, concerts, club parties … There is something for everyone. In a few figures, the WMC is more than 2,000 artists, 500 journalists, 3,000 professionals and 500 evenings . In short, a holiday that will tire you!

Many evenings

Events are in every corner. Whether in accredited locations, or in public places, you will have no chance of getting through the mails of the net. Stroll around, be curious, who knows, you may find yourself in VIP lodges.

Among the activities on offer is the Ultra Music Festival , a 3-day outdoor concert . It divides as a journey with its different stages. Many scenes inside the concert will allow you to navigate and let your musical ear fall. The DJs will make you dance until the end of the night, with a wide variety of different sounds.

Practical information

Take possession of an ESTA before your departure: it will allow you to stay on the continent 90 days and so to visit the rest of the country. In addition, the cost of ESTA is lower compared to a visa application.

If you are interested in official holidays, then a WMC badge will suffice. It allows free or reduced access to certain events. Availability, prices, and terms of use vary from event to event. The secret is to arrive earlier and take the trouble. However, an individual ticket will be required if you wish to attend parties with renowned artists.

One last tip before you go: take the time to rest before your vacation. Open your eyes and ears, and fully enjoy this intense moment … It will move!

The Winter Music Conference is coming to Miami

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