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Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

Do you like theme parks ? Have you already visited the various usual parks, like Disneyland or Parc Astérix? You feel a need to discover parks on unusual themes? Embark with us to discover our selection of the most original and unusual parks !

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The Holy land experience, Florida

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

Located in Orlando, Florida , this religious themed amusement park was created in February 2001. All attractions are related to the life of Jesus , whose role is central to the park. Park managers want “its presence to be felt by everyone who enters the site”.

The various activities and attractions have nothing to do with what is in parks like Disneyland. No thrill rides or explosive shows, but rather a quiet atmosphere. For example, there is an exhibition of sounds and lights in the Scriptorium that allows you to discover the history of biblical writings and their diffusion or the model of the city of Jerusalem that is described by a facilitator. If you discover this park like the 250,000 people who do it every year , you will be able to attend many small shows where the actors reenact the life of Jesus , like the Nativity or the Resurrection.

For more information, visit the official website of The Holy Land Experience .

Diggerland, England

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world  Welcome to Diggerland, the amusement park on the theme of construction equipment open since 2000 ! You will find in England 4 parks of this kind: Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire.

Young and old will have the opportunity to drive real gear without the need for a license, with the valuable advice of instructors. In this park that looks like a real construction site , different JCB machines are presented: dump trucks or cranes, there is something for everyone. You can use a machine, dig holes in a large sandbox or make short maneuverability courses where you have to overcome obstacles One of the most spectacular animations is a show where the machines will put to dance . It’s a pretty amazing and impressive show!

For more information, visit the official Diggerland website .

Chocolate World Wonderland, China

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

And yes, you have understood the title of this theme park: a park on the theme of chocolate ! Located in Beijing, China , it opened to the public in 2010 , and allows visitors to discover the history of chocolate and its impact on crops . Surprisingly, because of the chocolate that could be melting because of an increase in temperatures, the park is only open from January to April !

If you have the opportunity to visit, you can admire collections of objects reproduced in chocolate like sculptures or Greek vases, but also a reproduction of the terracotta army , composed of 500 characters made of chocolate. This park is also home to a replica of the Great Wall of China which is more than 12 meters long! You will notice that Chocolate World Wonderland has over 176,000 pounds of chocolate !!!

Sanrio Puroland, Japan

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

Sanrio Puroland is an amusement park that opened in 1990 in Tama, Japan , on the theme of Hello Kitty , the famous Japanese white cat. You will discover all the other mascots of Sanrio society, and will have the opportunity to take a picture with them or take them in your arms! This is an opportunity to find many Hello Kitty products , such as goodies, bags or clothes with the image of the cat. Many thematic areas allow you to discover the life of mascots. It’s even possible to visit Hello Kitty’s house ! A show is offered to children three times a day.

Sanrio Puroland is the official park of Hello Kitty, but know that the Japanese cat is a theme that pleases much that gave birth to another park still in Japan on the artificial island of Odaïba in 2010, Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise .

For more information, visit the official Sanrio Puroland website.

Window of the World, China

Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

To finish our selection of atypical theme parks, let’s go to China in Shenzhen at Window of the World Park opened since 1993 . You will have the opportunity to admire replicas of a large number of unmissable monuments. Embark on a world tour in a day , and contemplate the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Sphinx of Egypt or the Grand Canyon. Each visit ends at the end of the day with a show and fireworks .

Atypical activities are proposed such as taking a cable car to go through a rainforest or to hunt with the bow like the American Indians. To restore you, the park has several international restaurants to discover all the cuisines of the world . Note that since 2004, visitors who access the park by metro takes a metro mouth representing the pyramid of the Louvre !

We arrive at the end of this top 5 of the most atypical theme parks . Other more unexpected parks are planned and will probably see the day in the coming years, as Spyland” in france> ! If you have visited an amusement park out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to share your experience .
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Top 5 most original theme parks in the world

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