Upper East Side

Upper East Side

This is a neighborhood that makes you dream of more than one, and for good reason! Here everything is luxury and prestige between the world-famous private schools and the doormen of the big hotel brands. Life is very expensive, probably one of the most posh of the United States where you will surely have the opportunity to meet famous people called “Beautiful People”.

History of this neighborhood

If you had the opportunity to walk in this area in the 1840s, you would have seen nothing but fallow land. Amazing no? The development of this neighborhood began shortly after the construction of Central Park in the 1860s, which set the tone for the development of this space.

The construction began once the streets were cleared by the aerial train and then underground. From then on, we are witnessing the rise of magnificent homes belonging to a very rich population, such as rich industrialists or financial magnates.

You can also stroll along Madison Avenue which is one of the most expensive roads in the world. There will be before you some of the largest luxury brands in the world, such as Versace, Valentino or Yves Saint Laurent. What to envy!

Upper East Side

Upper East Side

Have to do

One of the key monuments of this district is the Guggenheim Museum whose architecture is recognizable among hundreds! You can also visit the Church of St. James’ Church which is undoubtedly the oldest monument of this district, dating from 1810.

The population and chic aspect of this area are reflected in the many museums and galleries that can be found there. But for those who prefer shopping, we can only advise you to go to the Barneys department store where you can find an elegant fashion.

An excursion into the neighborhood, which will certainly take you a whole day, will show you marble and gilded facades housing prestigious hotels, while you will surely recognize typical places of the world famous television series … Gossip Girl !

This is where you can see the New York Palace Hotel, but also the Hotel Empire and the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. Do not forget to go shopping on 5th Avenue because shopping is one of the main activities of the Upper East Side.

Upper East Side

Metropolitan Museum of Art

How to get there

This neighborhood is located in Manhattan at 59th Street between Central Park and the East River. It is served by three metro lines, namely 4, 5 and 6. If you go there, you will see that there are many limousines in this area, which can be impressive!

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