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Why is Val Thorens the best ski resort in Europe?

Why is Val Thorens the best ski resort in Europe?


Why is Val Thorens the best ski resort in Europe?

Each year, several ski resorts compete for the title of “Best European Ski Destination” by the European Beat Destination, which promotes culture and tourism in Europe. This year, the title was won by Val Thorens. But what makes it the best ski resort in Europe?

Renovation of each hotel in Val Thorens and building new ones

If the resort of Val Thorens was elected “best French ski resort” and “best European ski destination”, it is at the cost of efforts provided by Val Throrinois to grow their station and improve it to the point of ‘make a reference.

This has included a development of each hotel in Val Thorens and many new establishments that have been erected. Thus in recent years, the resort has been marked by the development of the real estate offer with the construction of many 4 or 5 star hotels but also residences such as MMV Val Thorens .

A diversification of the offer that allows each holiday maker to find the hotel in Val Thorens that suits him. In family, in couple or between friends, each one finds there without difficulty the housing which suits him and which is in his image.

The hotel offering in Val Thorens is so vast that it can also meet the demands of companies looking for an exceptional venue for their seminars to provide their employees with unique experiences such as this site .

Modern lifts

If you book a hotel in Val Thorens, you also most definitely want to enjoy the slopes of the highest resort in Europe. Belonging to the ski areas of the 3 Valleys, Val Thorens gives you access to more than 600 km of ski slopes. What sets this station apart from others is that it has the most modern and state-of-the-art lifts. It is also what contributed to obtaining his title.

Several chairlifts have been modernized or replaced to allow lifts to reach 65,470 people per hour.

Creating unique experience

Choosing a hotel in Val Thorens is the opportunity to experience special experiences. Indeed, if the Eureopean Beat Destination rewards the hospitality of the winning resort, it also wants it to provide its guests with unique experiences. This is perfectly fulfilled by Val Thorens with its 1.3 km long mega-zipline that allows you to connect two peaks that are above 3000 m. If you want to know more, click here.

The resort also stands out with its fun slope which is a fun course that extends over 900 m. It consists of 50 game modules like snow tunnels, spirals, bridges, banked turns … An obstacle course that is unique in France!

Digital innovation

What makes Val Thorens the best ski resort in Europe is also its digital innovation. This is the case with the Ski Flux, a first in France, which thanks to sensors installed on certain parts of the domain allows the skiers to know the frequentation of the tracks in real time. In addition, giant screens installed near the tracks allow them to choose the route that will be best for them. It is also possible to visualize the 3 Valleys plan on a 3D plan and no longer on a 2D runway plan.

Finally, for better safety of skiers, trackers are equipped with devices giving them information in real time. Here again, Val Thorens is precursor. The use of these devices will develop in the coming years.

Why is Val Thorens the best ski resort in Europe?

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